VTLK.xyz @ NFTuesdayLA

First publication of the new co-de.fi project ‘VTLK.xyz‘ presented at NFTuesdayLA on 22 August:

NFTuesdayLA is a free weekly digital art event for creatives, art collectors and blockchain enthusiasts. Described by LA Weekly as a “joyful micro-festival,” it has become the only NFT meet-up in Los Angeles that focuses on programming discussions around the intersections of conceptual art, technology and web3.

Founded by Cody Edison, Mieke Marple and Andrew McClintock, NFTuesdayLA also promotes offsite events and parties. It has become a beacon and a social engine for the digital art community in Los Angeles and beyond.

Walter Langelaar joins NFTuesdayLA to speak about his latest project with crypto art&design research lab co-de.fi
VTLK.xyz takes its base material from a 3D scanned pointcloud file created with Vitalik Buterin back in 2017, when he was visiting Aotearoa New Zealand. Consisting of over 420K points, this dataset is now tokenized via pre-signed voucher structs (i.e. ‘lazy minting’) that can be redeemed/minted by the NFT buyer; creating a gradual, community driven, inscription of this object onto the Ethereum blockchain.
The project comments on the art-historical context of the buste as a medium for transport and acquisition, as well as more contemporary concerns such as fractionalized ownership structures and inclusive cultural participation.