p0.nz/i gallery is stoked to present it’s inaugural exhibition for the ’22/23 cultural season, featuring new work by widely acclaimed Dungeonmaster; the worlds most brutal academic speed metal PowerPoint band.

Dungeonmaster engages critical theory, satire, music, experimental media and cross-platform storytelling to engage the underlying ideological suppositions of emerging technological and social constructs.
The centrepiece for the upcoming show at p0.nz/i involves the speculative blockchain “DungeonCoin“, the world’s most brutal blockchain; complete with “Black Paper” conceptual blueprint, a “Pitchdeck” video essay, and associated content.

As a truly useless alternative token for decentralized brutality and CRYTPO-Art, the DungeonCoin blockchain promises “ROI on yr MFA“, by “pumping and dumping the planet“, and employs novel methodologies such as the “proof of ponzi” consensus algorithm and application of “THC calculus”.
According to Dungeonmaster,

DungeonCoin is the most consequential development in the history of Western Civilization, and the most important artistic discovery of the 21st century“.

Combining the most bleeding edge technology with the height of aesthetic rigor, DungeonCoin promises to revolutionize both art and cryptocurrency for a new generation of academic speed metal scholars. The exhibited Black Paper announces this revolutionary technology in pain-staking detail; providing a roadmap to build out the technical infrastructure to liberate the crap out of Design Science and Humanities research.

Part of this roadmap will be deployed during the exhibition at p0.nz/i, including an opening lecture on “The Originality of CRYTPO-Art and other Modernist Memes” as well as investment opportunities such as limited edition presale NFTs for unlimited access to the DungeonCoin suite of NFTs’ presale.
These NFTs are “generative” artworks attached to snippets of heavily modified post-modern art theory that opine on the nature of art and value. 

p0.nz/i will mint several editions of these tokens, creating increasingly complex interactions with each published iteration. Subsequently, this will be paired with an art history lectured called “CRYTPO-Art and Western Civilization“, whereby Dungeonmaster delivers a western art history lecture from the perspective of a crypto-bro and talks about what Photoshop filters the renaissance NFT artists used to make their jpegs.

Please follow our Telegram channel for further announcement of announcements, and check out Dungeonmaster’s Insta for the latest updates.

Opening Lecture: 30 September at 5:30pm NZST

Panel Discussion: 1 Oktober 1:30pm NZST

open daily 12pm – 7pm
30 September – 30 October 2022

p0.nz/i centre for crypto art & design research
111 Dixon Street
Te Aro
Te Whanganui a Tara
Wellington 6011
Aotearoa New Zealand

Dungeonmaster artist statement:

Dungeonmaster is the worlds most brutal academic speed metal PowerPoint band.

Our work lives at the intersection of academics and speed metal. We believe that this combination of shredding and critical theory will revolutionize art and culture by creating an interdisciplinary site for humanities research. From basements in Paramus all the way to Pasadena, academic speed metal scholars are an under-represented minority in the academy.

Through the creation of DungeonCoin, we are giving the world a platform for the expression of the highest ambitions of the enlightenment, involving the tokenization of rational discourse so we can count who is better.

DungeonCoin expresses all of the expressive potential of our expressiveness by allowing us all to monetize our feelings about stuff. Together we can feel our feelings and share those feelings.

Curated and produced by Walter Langelaar.